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Join me on my illustrated adventures across the African continent and other places in the world.

Begleitet mich auf meinen Abenteuern in Afrika und anderen Orten der Welt.

My first step on the African continent

Late 2014 I left Europe for the first time and travelled to the African continent. This step turned my life upside down. Read here how it began.

Living in Namibia

After my travels through west and east Africa I settled down in a small town on the coast of Namibia. I lived and worked here for almost 5 years and call it my new home.

Working in Thailand

In April 2019 I moved to Thailand and worked for one year as a professional skydiving photographer until the corona virus killed in 2020 tourism world wide.

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Wird verarbeitet …

The world is too big to stay in one place.

Life is too short to do just one thing.


I love learning new skills and teaching others those skills.

These are my latest qualifications:

  • kindergarden teacher
  • snowboarding instructor
  • sandboarding instructor
  • climbing instructor
  • skydiving instructor

About me

Who am I? My name is Anne and I am a passionate traveller and love writing down my thoughts while walking on the beach, hiking a mountain or exploring a new country. Join me on my illustrated path through the world.

Detaillierte Beschreibung über mich in deutscher Sprache

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