How it started

I had this dream. The dream about a fascinating continent. I wanted to explore. Learn. Grow. Meet new people. Learn about different cultures. Speak in another language. I wanted to go to Africa. All my knowledge about this continent came from books I read and documentaries I watched. I didn’t know a lot. I just had this dream, which turned into a plan and eventually I was in the plane leaving Europe for the first time…

Working as a volunteer in West Africa
It all started in Ghana on the 11th October in 2014. I worked here for a bit over 4 months. It was the first time that I had to speak English outside of school which made the conversations in the beginning a bit difficult. During my work in an orphanage and a small school in the north I travelled a lot through a country which was abandoned from tourism due to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa during this time. Not only did my English vocabulary grow a lot, but I also met amazingly friendly and helpful people and build friendships with volunteers from other European countries.
In February 2015 I flew across the continent to Tanzania where part 2 of my adventure started…

Backpacking through southern Africa
This was the more unknown part. I landed in the city of Dar es Salaam and had my flight back booked from Cape Town. Not knowing yet how to travel in between those cities spread far across southern Africa. I visited first the tropical island of Zanzibar before I travelled north to see the vastness of the landscapes in the Serengeti and watch an impressive number and variety of wildlife running across the plains.
With a train I arrived in Zambia where I did many adventurous activities all around the stunning Victoria Falls in full flood.
I arrived in the next country by bus and this is the country where I fell in love with the continuously changing landscapes, endless horizons, vastness of its scenery and a beautiful variety of wildlife. In Namibia I saw the first time in my life the desert.
After a few weeks I continued my trip to the neighboring country of Botswana where I spent a few days in the Okavango Delta.
The southern most country on the African continent was also the last one I visited before flying back home. In South Africa I drove down the coast in a rental car and ended my trip in Cape Town. I made a lot of new experiences and unforgettable memories which formed this trip and made it an amazing adventure. This is where my planned trip ended. everything after the flight home was unplanned and spontaneous. A job opportunity out of the moment and a decision to go back to my dreams kept me going.
Unfortunately up to here my blog is only available in the German language since my skills weren’t good enough yet to write in English. It might still be worth it looking through some of those posts which are illustrated by amazing photographs I took along my travels.

My new life in Namibia
I flew back to Namibia in June 2015 and started working in the city of Swakopmund. A city in the desert which is located on the rough coastline of Namibia. I explored the country from north to south and east to west in several smaller and bigger trips which I documented after a while in both languages – German and English. As a climbing guide I took children and adults to the climbing paradise of Spitzkoppe and taught them how to rock climb.
I did fall in love with the beauty of this country and also found my partner Dawie with whom I live and travel together ever since.

My travels to my home country
Within the last few years I spend most of my holidays travelling home to Germany where I did a lot of amazing trips with my family and friends across the country. All my articles about adventures in Europe including my only trip to the States are found here.

One year in Thailand
After picking up a new sport in Namibia, the sport of skydiving, and more advanced training in it, I moved together with my partner to Thailand. Working as professional skydivers in a company we also got to explore several islands and spent a few days in the neighboring country of Malaysia. The Corona Virus is bringing tourism down to zero in the beginning of 2020 and we are forced to leave the country.

Back in Namibia
Originally our plan was to work the summer in Germany, but before we could even solve Visa issues the world broke into pieces and we end up being stranded in Namibia. But it is not a bad country to be locked in during the time of a pandemic. You will definitely get some more articles of us exploring the nature in times of social distancing..

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