Swakopmund: the only place in the world where it’s hotter in winter than it is in summer

I can feel the warm wind blowing over my skin. Hear the ocean. The waves. Kids are screaming. My feet play in the sand. It’s a Sunday morning and I am chilling at the beach. You think there is nothing wrong about it? Well first of all, since I work in tourism, I barely get off on weekends since these days are our busiest of the week. So there is no chance that I can spent a Sunday morning at the beach. And secondly, we are right now in winter, which means it is supposed to be foggy all day and a miserable 15 degrees.


So just to explain to you, in Swakop we normally have a strong southwester wind which brings us a cold breeze from the ocean. That is the reason why it is normally not too hot in Swakop even though we are in the desert. But in this time of the year, between April and Juin, we can expect Eastwind weather. And that brings a drastic change of the weather at the coast. The Eastwind normally picks up at night and pushes through town around 10 o’clock. It brings hot air, dust and sand from the inland. Which means that we have horrible mornings with sandstorm and none of the activities can happen. But the wind dies down around lunch time and then we have the most beautiful afternoons with spectacular sunsets. The Eastwind used to be in town over two or three weeks every year. But last year there was not a single day of proper Eastwind. He tried to come through, but reached only Rossing mountains. Our southwester was strong enough to push him back. The problem about that is that the Eastwind is connected with our raining season. If we have a strong Eastwind, we will get good rains in the end of the year. If we don’t get Eastwind like last year, the raining season will be very weak and there did not come enough rain this year to fill up our dams in the country. We probably won’t make it through the dry season. They predict that Windhoek as the capital will run out of water in October. Well there are a lot of restrictions now about the use of water to try to save as much water as possible, but who knows if that will be enough?


But that’s why we are even happier this year about the fact that we had already a couple of nice Eastwind days which let us hope about a better raining season this year. My friend who just visited me didn’t experience a single foggy day in Swakop which quiet unusual for this time of the year. But the Eastwind was there every day. And yesterday again. Beth, my boss, was phoning people all around town to figure out how strong the wind is, from which direction he comes and if he brings dust with or not. Just to figure out if we can run our trip in the morning or if we have to move it to the afternoon. She decided yesterday to move the trip but asked me to come with to clients to help her convincing them to go in the afternoon. Because when we arrived down at the A-frames, which are bungalows close to the ocean, there was no wind. Not a single breeze. So how do you explain to your clients that they can’t go sandboarding because 10km away from here is a sandstorm? But we managed it. The clients were very easy about it. Happy to go at 2:30pm until sunset. So see you later!
And now? Good question. What else should I do on such a beautiful winter day than chilling at the beach? It’s the perfect weather for it, because the wind didn’t push through all the way to the beach. Zak? Are you coming with me to the beach? Zak looks at me, asking if I used the word beach, because he loves the beach and runs with me down. 2 minutes later I’m there. At the beach. And yes, today again. We actually tried it this morning to go out, because we didn’t trust windguru, the only website which we check up to see the predictions of the weather in town.


We normally say that it’s not possible to predict the weather in Swakopmund. You never know if the fog is gonna be there or not. And the fog makes a big difference. The only thing what you can trust on predictions here are the wind directions. And it said strong from the east today. But we stood on the street and there was no wind. No wind out at the plots. So let’s try it. Pack the equipment. Pick up the clients. Drive to the dunes. Leave the clients in the car, because it’s too windy. Beth, Uwe and me were standing there and judging it. Start the trip or drive back? We decided to go back. See you later in the afternoon. The sandstorm starts right now. So one more beach morning for me!
I love my life.
Cheers =)

P.S.: I struggle often with finding a title for my article. I don’t want a boring one. I always try to get an interesting one, which doesn’t work always. But the last days my friends helped me. Anja used a couple of good quotes. And today I actually used a statement I found on Facebook. I read it and just thought: that is so true! I claim that. Thanks Tash 😉

Swakopmund: the only place in the world where it’s hotter in winter than it is in summer.“

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