Koh Tao: Rock climbing & exploring a remote bay

For the second morning I contacted a company called goodtimes to organise a climbing guide for me so I can do some rock climbing on the island. Für den zweiten Vormittag von Dawie seinem Tauchkurs habe ich einen kletterausflug gebucht. Das Unternehmen heißt „Goodtimes Thailand“. I am very excited about this because I haven’t done … Mehr Koh Tao: Rock climbing & exploring a remote bay

Travelling again

I’m back in the train. Driving with the German train with 250kph across fields, forests and passing small villages. Yes it has been a short visit. But I enjoyed it. Catching up with family and friends. Laughing. Telling stories. Visiting places I haven’t been at for years. Preparing my dad’s garden for winter. Having a … Mehr Travelling again