Chantathen Waterfall

Sometimes, just spending some quality time with friends is the only therapy you need.

Working at the moment in a 6 days a week job where you have to perform on the spot, smile at every new costumer making sure they are having a good time it will get to you. Not just your energy level goes down. Your patience level too. And that is when the smile on your face disappears. That is the moment you should take a break and recharge your batteries. For example with a short hike through the jungle with some new friends who will make you laugh for the whole day.

A spontaneous trip into the southeast of Thailand to the only real waterfall in this region: Chantathen Waterfall. Not because we haven’t seen waterfalls before. Not because it is a particular pretty one. Not because someone told us about it. Not because it is amazing to hike in this heat. Simply because we wanted to spend some time together and so we found this. A forest with fresh air making our lungs happy. A short hike making us joke around. Laugh a lot. Counting spiders and cleaning the path from spider webs.

Following signs which we can’t read. Assuming it says „waterfall“. It did lead us in the end to the waterfall though!

Watching fish swimming it the various pools of this stream.

The other couple decided to choose long clothes as protection against mosquitoes. We can’t handle long clothes on our skin in this heat so we decided to spray ourself with mosquito repellent from top to bottom. Twice during the trip. Worked as well.

As we’re hiking up the trail along the water we check out the stream for good swimming pools. A place to hang out and relax. There were a couple of locals at the lower spots, but not many despite the fact that it is a Thai holiday today.

There it is. The oasis in the forest. We agreed right away on staying at this spot. Just have to get down to it. Scramble over a couple of rocks and we made it.

One by one we all jump into the water and start one after the after screaming as soon as the fish come and touch you. They’re not small fish. There are some big ones in this group. And they come to you and nibble on your feet. Weird feeling. I try to swim fast so they can’t touch me. But then I touch them. Still brings out a scream. Keep moving.

The water is clear. Crystal blue. Beautiful. Refreshing. Relaxing.

And we have this little paradies just for ourself. For us to dive into the water and enjoy the fresh air.

We read about some caves in this national park and decide to check them out before we head back. It’s not so easy to find hidden spots like this, because no signs are in English and Google maps might bring you to the right spot, but it’s not so accurate in these areas far from the tourist hot spots.

We stop the car. One the one side we see a massive temple. On the other side a mountain. This could be it. Mosquito alarm. Time to reapply the spray. Cicadas are starting a concert. It’s very loud. No other humans to be seen though. Just some dogs and monkeys.

Impressive rock formations. Stalacmites and stalactites growing in all directions and sizes. Bats flying over our heads.

The boys find an entrance to a little cave. And spot deeper in it a spider. If I can take a picture of it. It’s quite far, but the flash is sufficient. But you can’t see on the picture the actual size of this spider. „It would cover my entire face“ Joe says. With that description everyone will understand how big this spider is. Thanks Joe.

This rock looks great from rock climbing. But I don’t see any signs of climbers. Too far off the grid probably.

The forest around this mountain is lush green. Thick. Full of life. Which we can hear.

And then it’s time to head back home. It was a really nice excursion involving lots of laughing. Perfect to recharge our batteries and relax far away from tourists, cities and air pollution.

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