Kuala Lumpur – an indoor theme park, chinatown and lots of street food

Just one month after my first visit of Kuala Lumpur I’m back. Together with Dawie. Everything is so much easier. Because I’ve figured out the public transport system and we can get around the city just using trains and busses. We both have a Myrapid touchandgo card which I recommend everyone visiting KL. You load money on it and use it in all public transport options in the city, for the airport transport it is actually the cheapest option to get to and what we figured out later you need this card as well if you rent a car, because you pay the toll fees on the highway with the same card.

We had one full day in the city to explore, play around and of course eat the best street food in town. First stop was the Merdeka Times Square Shopping mall. The shopping mall with Malaysia’s biggest indoor theme park. Dawie has never been in a rollercoaster. And what better time can you choose than the morning to go there. You can choose just to buy entrance to the rollercoaster (50MYR) or the full entrance to the theme park (70MYR). We bought the full package, but my advice for you is just to take the rollercoaster because the other activities are mainly for children and not that exciting. We still tried a few of them. Maybe 2-3 of them are fun for adults as well, the rest definitely worth for families. We enjoyed the rollercoaster a lot and even did it 3 times in a row since there are barely any visitors. It’s for me as well the first time riding a rollercoaster without having to stand in a waiting cue for hours. Makes the whole visit much shorter and the actual ride longer 😉

The next planned stop is the famous Petaling street located in Chinatown. Getting off the train we look around and take out the map to find the road to Chinatown when an older local man walks up to us and shows us the way. How nice was that! Would have never happened in Thailand, because first of all they don’t speak English and secondly they are horrible in giving indications for directions.

It’s lunch time and the streets are still quite empty. We’re walking along the shops without buying much. A pair of sunglasses, 2 shirts for Dawie and one short pant for me later we are done. Done with the shopping experience.

Time to try some local dried meat and have a cold beer in the shade. Best place to sit and watch people walking by. We love doing that. Looking at the passing tourists and guessing what nationalities they are.

In Chinatown we visit as well a temple. Just at the right time it seams because two men are making music on the ground and another one is ringing the bell. I can’t describe it, but the sounds they are making together with the feeling of walking barefoot through the temple gives us a very spiritual experience of the visit.

Lots of details in their statues and very colourful temple over all.

We are taking a short walk and find ourself in front of central Market. It’s more than market but smaller than a shopping mall. I really like this place. Not too big and it offered a big variety of souvenirs, clothing, local products and lots of different food. Malaysia is famous for its variety of different cultures which you can see on the markets and the different restaurants. You find next to local Malaysian food, Thai food, lots of Indian food, Chinese food and as well western food due to the high number of expats living in KL. My favorite café is found in this city because of its cheesecake without me even knowing that I like cheesecake that much. I actually can’t remember when I last ate one. Before I got to KL. Secret recipe is the name of the café, or maybe it is called a chain restaurant. It has a variety of cakes to offer and I have to recommend you to try the New York cheesecake. It’s the best cheesecake I ever had and even Dawie had to have one who doesn’t do sweat food at all. I usually took the cake as takeaway and got it in a paper box. Always brought a smile into my face =)

We get to the river life which Dawie renames into the river of no life because of its brown colour. But you have to look a bit further to understand the name of this river. It’s a project they started in order to develop a number of rivers in Kuala Lumpur and the Klang valley to turn into scenic landscapes. A long promenade along the river shall attract more tourists and even now you can see the beauty in it already (if you want to see it). Here where the Gombak and Klang rivers meet and the beautiful Masjik Jamek mosque is located on an island between the two is where you get reminded of the Notre Dame standing on an island of the Seîne river.

I do enjoy the walk along the promenade especially when the mist comes out along the sides of the riverbank turning the entire are into a mysterious spot. (Picture to be found earlier in the article)

Masjid Jamek is one of the oldest mosques in Kuala Lumpur and was built in 1909.

Next stop: Jalan Alor – street food night market

There are a lot of night markets and even more food markets. Jalan Alor is just one of many options you have. And our place for tonight.

Don’t come here before sunset. Most restaurants and food stalls only open up once it is dark. But then it gets busy. Tables and chairs all across the street. Only a small path stays open for the visitors to walk through.

We can’t decide where to eat. Let’s have one dish at a time. At the first place we order prawns in a garlic-butter sauce. Delicious.

We walk the street up and down with a few snacks along the way. Dawie keeps on talking about the black pepper crab. Apparently it is a speciality in Malaysia and we should try it. Finding a place who sells it isn’t difficult because they all seem to sell it. That’s why we choose the place with the friendliest waiter who has the best selling strategie. Since we can’t decide how much crab we want she comes back with two massive crabs in her hand who are trying to escape. Yes they are still alive. We pick one and only a few minutes later we have it on the table. It looks simple. But the sauce is amazing. You get a tool to brake the shell and eat it of course with the fingers. Or like me with the whole face. Apparently I look like I bathed in it. But it’s sooo delicious! The meat so soft and juicy and the sauce has an amazing flavour. Luckily Dawie’s fingers are just as covered in sauce as mine so he can’t take a picture of my face. On the picture it doesn’t look like a lot, but it was a big crab with lots of meat on it. Definitely the highlight of the night.

The next day we have a few hours to kill while we are waiting to collect my passport from the embassy and decide to hang out in one of Kuala Lumpur s famous parks – the KLCC park.

You open the door from the shopping mall and you can hear already the birds singing. In the heart of the capital. It’s amazing. Love how they connect nature with modern city life. Massive trees, a lot of benches, small roof to protect you from the weather. Big lakes, a running trail and an outdoor swimming pool with playground. A massive park in the city centre.

Time to say goodbye to KL because we are doing now a road trip to get to Fraser hill.

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