The sound of rain

I’m lying in bed listening to the rain. It’s such a beautiful sound. Starts very gentle. Just hear a few drops falling onto the tin roof of the garage. It’s like a wake up call. Get ready it’s starting now. And then you hear more and more drops. Until you can’t count them anymore. It turns monotone. But in the same time not boring. Rain can’t be boring. It’s a blessing. A blessing you can hear. Dropping on the road. It’s getting louder. Now you remember you are in Thailand. And you remember they have raining seasons here. Listen to the rain. What a beautiful noise. And it’s still not cooling down. It’s a warm rain. Just takes the humidity out of the air for a couple of hours. Before it raises back up to 95% humidity. At least it feels like it. But now it feels great. In the aircooled room. Lying on the bed. It’s quiet. You only hear the rain. Now a bit slower again. But you can still hear. Eventually it turns into a background noise. You get used to it if it rains for a couple of hours. But every other minute you remember again that it’s still raining. So beautiful.

In the beginning I took most of the pictures with the phone, because I didn’t take my camera with everywhere we went. It’s an important part of me. My camera has travelled far with me. Far across Africa and high up in the alps. And is already the second time in Thailand. I need to protect it. From heat and from strangers. You never know getting to a new place what is safe and what isn’t. Therefore I just walk around in the first weeks without having the camera with me all the time. Until u get a feeling for it. A feeling for what is safe. Where I’m safe and where not. It’s not a guarantee. Not for the camera nor for me. But it’s part of my safety precautions. Part of this whole package is as well my camera backpack. The bag that actually made sure that my camera is safe. While I decide to climb a mountain. Slip down with my back along a rock. Jumping up and down. Driving on bikes, bicycles or throwing the backpack into a plane. When I bought that backpack I knew it was worth the money. Which it proved as well. But it was a rough time. It didn’t just carry all my camera gear with extra lenses and tripod but got often extra luggage to carry. A wallet, passports, travel documents, my tablet and everything else I managed to squeeze in it. A couple of months back Dawie was telling me that I need a new backpack. I turned around and almost shouted at him No I don’t! Maybe a bit too loud, because he actually stopped talking about it. But again and again I struggled to close the zip of the backpack. Over a couple of months with the broken zip I actually created a method to still be able to close the backpack and squeeze extra gear in it. But slowly and surely I realised that it probably is time for a new bag. Just imagine what could happen if the zip brakes open while I’m carrying the camera in it. Don’t even wanna think about it. But I want the same backpack again. I loved that one. Not because it is orange. It’s so handy. So many compartments. You can fit everything in it. Until you brake the zip. Yes I understand Dawie. I do need a new one. And maybe this is a good place to look for one. Thailand the heaven of IT, phones, cameras and other imported electronics from China 😉 You get it cheap and if you want to you still find the good quality. But I’m not in a rush. Still have time to find a new one.

One day later I’m sitting on the floor. Surrounded by camera backpacks. Die Qual der Wahl. Yes I found the camera store I was looking for. I saw already 2 backpacks I liked, but wanted to see more. And this store has about 20 of them. After a process of elimination I was sitting In front of 2 backpacks. Without letting the price decide I chose the one with extra connection points around the waist and chest which makes it more comfortable to carry when fully loaded. Which my old one had as well. Yes it’s this one.

The main pocket where all my camera gear is inside cannot be opened when the bag is strapped to me. It’s light to carry despite all the heavy gear which is important when you carry it as far and as long as I sometimes do.

It is still raining and I fall asleep with this sound.

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