My beautiful Swakopmund

The weather has been crazy the last week. No fog. But a lot of clouds. Everyday. First just on the horizon. Then small clouds over town. High clouds. Rain clouds. And last night even some rain.

I was sitting outside. It was dark already. Drinking a beer when the first drops started falling. I got my pizza. It started raining. Sitting with my friends on a table. Enjoying the warmth of the air. Eating my pizza. Not even thinking about getting up and going inside. Knowing it will only last for a few minutes. The rain. But the feeling stays the whole night. The smell of rain. In the desert. I love it. Nothing more special than that.

This article is a love story. A love story about a city that changed my life. A city that isn’t very pretty a first. That has nothing special about it when you quickly walk through town. But a city that can show you the beauty of nature like no other city. The beauty of the desert. The beauty of the sea. Beaches. The sky. Flowers. And the beauty of the weather in such a city.

Of course. If you want to you can see Swakopmund as a grey city. With fog on 150 days of the year you can describe it as grey. But even on those days you’ll find pretty colours. If you want to see them. Most people don’t. They just want to see the unfriendly side of everything. And don’t count the days of sunshine. The other 200 plus days. And by the way: looking at the fog from above is a well quite pretty =)

But I see as well the other days. Those days where I put my summer dress on. Go for a walk on the beach. Where I meet friends for a sundowner in the gorgeous colours of the setting sun. Where I go paddling in the ocean and dolphins jump around my board. That’s the days I count. And I count the sunsets of this week.







I planned this article a while ago. Actually over a year ago. It was spring. I was walking on the beach. Loved the colours. The flowers. The temperature. Everything. So I went again. With my camera. And Zak.

That might not have been the best idea. Someone jumped into every shot. Every second one was photo bombed by him. But what should I say. It’s Zak. My friend. He’s allowed to do that.

These photos have been now for a over a year on my tablet.

I just didn’t know what to write to them. How to start the article.

And when I finally started I didn’t know how to finish.

So while you’re looking now at these photos you should feel the sun. It’s not burning your skin yet, but warming up your body.

A light breeze is blowing through your hair.

(Someone’s butt is in the way, messing with my story)

While the wind is blowing through your hair your eyes open up by the mixture of colours you have in front of you. Sitting down on a bench. Taking a break. Enjoying the view on the sea.

You can smell the spring. Freshly cut grass. Intense smell of beautiful flowers.

The sound of the waves is omnipresent.

Your thoughts are somewhere else. Following your dreams you find yourself planning your next projects. Imagining yourself somewhere far away.

You keep on walking. See the palm trees. No issues seem to bother you. You breath slowly. Your body is entirely relaxed.

You listen to the birds. Singing in the trees.

The insects flying from one bush to another.

And you question yourself why you were so miserable before the walk. There was actually no reason to be angry or unhappy.

Because life in Swakopmund is beautiful. Relaxing. Exciting. Motivating. Changing.

Simply live it.

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