They call me „safety-Anne“

That’s what they call me. Safety-Anne. Probably not the worst name your students can give you. If you’re working as an instructor. Now and then I come around the corner to check up on a group of climbers and just hear them saying „don’t do that when safety-Anne is watching“ or „safety-Anne would say this is to dangerous because you would swing to far“. I can’t see everything (even if I tell them I do). And can’t be everywhere at the same time. But I look at it this as a success. I got my safety standards into their minds. At least they think about me when their doing something I would call unsafe.

(Safety-Anne likes to wear her helmet clipped to the harness while telling everyone they have to wear a helmet).

And yes here I am again. At my favorite place in Namibia. Working place. If you can call it work. Being a climbing instructor this is work I guess. Organising rock climbing trips to amazing destinations.

And this time with a decent group size. 10 climbers. 2 climbing instructors. 4 spectators and very important: one braai master.

This wall is an amazing one with so many routes next to each other. And we could set up 4 of them in the same time. Great fun seeing 4 climbers next to each other fighting their way up.

And then we still moved to a different boulder to set up another long challenging route.

Having the luxury of having a dedicated braai master for the trip makes my evening more relaxing. I can actually sit down and eat together with the others.

Once everyone went to bed, I rolled out my mattress in the middle of the camp. Put my sleeping bag down. Confused about why I took a sleeping bag with. Contemplating that it would have been better just sleeping in underwear. It is sooo hot. Don’t know how the others are surviving in this heat inside a tent. Fall asleep eventually.

After preparing the breakfast I set up 2 new routes. And keep on doing what I do best. Telling people to apply sunscreen. Wear their helmet. Drink water. Eat fruits. Drink more water. Don’t forget your partner check. Bring more water…

On Friday evening I spend 2 hours cutting, slicing and peeling carrots, apples, cucumber, pears and more apples. Why? Because remember you don’t want to eat a whole apple, but you’ll take a slice. Or two. Or ten. Or the whole box.

And it was once again a tired but happy Anne driving back to Swakop with lots of good memories in her bag. And some exhausted but happy climbers in the back of the car.

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