Sunsets, a much needed rain at Spitzkoppe and some more rock climbing

You know if I show people the picture of a sunset I took in Swakopmund they always say it looks so fake, so unreal. But it depends on how you look at things. Yes we do have a lot of fog in Swakopmund. Yes most of the afternoons the sky is closed and we can’t see the sun. But you can either search for the bad weather and count how many days of fog we have a year, how cold it is or you can look for the nice days. How often we complain about the heat. How often the sky is painted in beautiful sunset colours so that we have chilled sundowners at Tiger reef. If you go regularly for walks along the beach or spend time in and on the water you will know that these pictures are not fake.

And that there was no Photoshop involved to get these colours out. Even with your eye looking out of the window you can capture this beautiful scenery.

Tourism is quiet in this time of the year. Lots of time to play around for us. Like doing a sunset jump into the famous moonlandscape.

And I got a lot of time to put energy in my climbing trip. One afternoon in the swakop river was a full success.

And then the preparation for the next one started. Spitzkoppe. Just got back yesterday. We had so much fun. As usual.

And it’s not just fun for kids. Grown adults can have just as much fun on the rock as the little ones. Feal that real challenge of getting to the top. Pushing each other to the limit.

While Dylan took in daytime most of the pictures since I was busy on the rock is it now my time. Once everyone ate. The torches are turned off. And the stars start shining on the african sky. Get the camera out and play with the settings.

And while I have the long exposure running I can see a bright torch lighting up the mountain which is in my focus. Swearing silently that he ruined my shot I didn’t realise that this person actually made the shot better. Special.

But while I am taking pictures I can realise something else. Clouds coming up. It doesn’t seem serious. But just after I fall asleep I feel the first rain drops on my face. Mmm. I can still handle this. Put my sleeping bag over my body even though it’s still around 30 degrees outside. Just before 1am I wake up entirely. It’s pouring down rain. Grab the camera backpack and another bag. Throw into the car. Push the bag of wood under the car. Priorities. Mattress under the car. Sleeping bag inside. The rest can stay. 5 of us are running around like we’re lost. While Dylan is sound asleep in his tent. Stop. Slow down. We should be thankful for this rain. It is so dry even though it’s raining season. The land needs this water so desperately. One of us crawls under the car. You know that snakes always look for warm spots to sleep? Good night. The other 4 of us decide to go for a walk. In the rain. Inhale this amazing smell. The smell of rain. Dropping on warm sand. Indescribable. The rain slows down. We turn around. Place our mattresses again on the ground. And fall asleep again. Later I wake up again from raindrops. Too tired to get up I pull the sleeping bag over my head and let the water run down on the sides.

When I wake up in the morning, later than usual, everything is dry again. The clouds are still hanging over us.

After some breakfast we get back on the rock. As I said everything is dry again. I’m setting up a route and my student Dylan is belaying me. Using my words to push me up. To trust in my feet. And stop complaining. Alright then.

Set up for the others. To climb. Fight. Doubt. Swear. Continue. Accomplish.

And that is how another successful rock climbing weekend comes to an end.

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