Weekend on the plot

The birds are singing. The palm leaves move slightly in the wind. Guinea fowls are running over the loan complaining about something I don’t understand. It’s so peaceful. We’re just about 20 kilometres outside Swakopmund. In the riverbed on Rowen’s plot. It’s friends of ours and they asked us to look after the property and the dog for the weekend. I didn’t hesitate a second. It’s like a small holiday for me. Even though we still drive into town to work during day time.

The sun is coming out. It gets warm out here. Like desert warm. Not Swakop warm. But there is enough shade to cool down. It is really relaxing. Away from the city. Away from the people. Nobody will bother you, because you don’t have reception out here either. Well if you place your phone in the right place you might get messages. We left it on purpose out of reach.

Saturday after work we drove out there. Got explained what we need to do. Feed the dog. My job. Feed the birds. Dawie’s job. Check up on the water pipes in case baboons came by. Dawie’s job. Lock the house when we go to work. My job. And the rest of the time? Relax, have a beer, enjoy the time.

Still went for a sundowner drive on saturday. Through these beautiful valleys. With nobody in sight.

And I have to do a walk with my camera in my hand. Without leaving the 4 hectar property I get enough nature shots.

Sunday morning the birds wake us up. Even the very unique love birds come bye. Such beautiful parrots.

After breakfast it’s time to say bye to Tessa. I explain her that we’ll be back soon. I get the look.

But as soon as we’re done working we drive back to the plot. Where a happy dog is waiting for us. We go for a walk. Start a fire. Enjoy the sunset. Enjoy the peace out here.

We find tracks of birds, baboons and a small predator, probably a cat.

Fall asleep without any sound of humans. No cars. No screaming. No industry. Just the nature.

I wake up from an excited dog. Guess she is a morning person. But I really don’t mind taking a walk with her. Dawie is feeding in the meantime the birds.

Since there is no work today we relax the rest of the day in this calm area and only drive later in the day back town with a feeling of coming back from a short holiday.

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