Bye bye Thailand – it’s time to go home

Just woke up. Once again I slept the entire flight. Even though it was just a short one. We flew early in the morning from Krabi to Bangkok. It is 9am and we are standing a bit lost at Don Mueng airport. We are flying out of Bangkok this evening at 7. After half an hour watching busses arriving and leaving we get into the next one. After 3 weeks of travelling in Thailand we figured out how the public transport works. We think. The lady in the bus says we have to get out here. We need to get onto the skytrain now. Dawie says we have to go downstairs. He had an interesting conversation with a local. With hands and feet. Apparently that conversation was about the train. I follow his introduction. But in the same time I am complaining. The skytrain must be up there. Why else would it be called skytrain? We walk the stairs up again. 4 times. Dawie is complaining. Apparently his legs hurt. Don’t know why. I buy the tickets at the counter. 2 times to MBK mall please. Dawie follows me. Skytrain arrives. We get in here. Are you sure? Nein. Inside the train is a nice map. Explaining where we are going. Looks good. Next one we get out. Need to change lines. Up the stairs and down again. Dawie is still complaining. One more station and we are at the mall. Since we spend here already a few hours when we arrived in Bangkok 3 weeks ago we know the mall a bit. Just a bit. Find at least at the first attempt the luggage storage. Dropping our heavy backpacks. Check. And what we did the next 5 hours I am not sure. Spending all the money we had left. A bit more. Well the prices are cheap. Until you buy everything. Then it’s not cheap anymore. 2 GoPro’s and a couple of hundred USB flash drives later we definitely have to leave the mall. The money is gone. The bags are filled up to the top and the countdown has started. 2,5h until take off of our flight. We still need to get to the airport. With public transport. We don’t take taxis. We head to the train station. I am trying to figure out in which direction we need to take the skytrain. But these boards all sounds to me Chinese. I mean Thai. I still don’t understand it. Finally I find a teenager who can speak decent English and we jump into the train. It is more than full. The Thai would say the train is empty. But we can barely stand in it. Dawie we need to get out on the next one. Not sure how though, but Dawie doesn’t care. I know he will fight his way out. Is anyway taller than all of them. But I do take use of my backpack as well and get out in time. We need the airport line now. Dawie shows me the counter. No I’m good now. Can buy the tickets on the machine. Dawie is still complaining. Well don’t walk a marathon if you are the next time on an Island. Might help. But now you need to follow me. Up the stairs. Train will arrive in 2 minutes. I need a seat this time. Good luck with that. Remember you will be sitting for the next 15 hours in airplanes. I don’t care. I want a seat. Countdown to take off is 2 hours. Train arrives. I fight my way into the empty train. And get a seat for the tired man. At least he is not complaining anymore. I look at the time. Having no idea how long this train will take to the airport. Dawie is offering my seat to an older lady. How nice of him. Yes, I insisted in standing. As I said, I will be sitting for the next hours anyway. Next station: airport. Countdown is at 1,5 hours to take off. We are ground level. Departures are at level 4. Still a way to go. Someone behind me is complaining. I am good in ignoring complaints. We need to go to area P. The Qatar check in counter ahead of us. The guy tells us we got 30 minutes left before the counter closes. We repack our bags. Anything we bought today goes into the big luggage. With Qatar we have each 45kg of free luggage. We won’t come close to that, still interested what we get. I checked in 3 weeks ago in Windhoek with 11kg. The scale shows 16kg now. Dawie checked in 7kg in Windhoek. The scale shows now 18kg. It is obvious who was the shopping queen on this holiday. The lady says we have to go straight to the gate now. Apparently still a long way to go. Just over an hour until take off. Security check. For once I do pass it. This morning they found a knife in my hand bag. They said I can’t take it with. Dawie just looks away. I never pass the security control. The machine always complains when I walk through. But next step. Passport control. Boom. Endless cue ahead of us. Nothing we can do but wait. And pass it eventually. Dawie says we made it. Can’t be far. A sign explains it is another 15 minutes to walk to our gate. Hurry up. 20 minutes before boarding closes. We arrive at the gate. That was close. Dawie says we got plenty of time. Still 20 more minutes! I say it was close. The gate is going to close soon. Always a point of view. Different cultures. That’s what we deal with in this relationship. And it is definitely my German responsibility to make sure we don’t miss the flight. And it is his African responsibility that I don’t stress so much and travel more relaxed. Worked out. Time to sleep now. I am tired. And hungry. Eat first. Then sleep. I’ve been travelling a lot in planes in the past 4 years. And on these flights I learned to sleep high above the earth. That is why Dawie needs to wake me up after we landed in Doha. I slept deep. And got some energy now for hour 4 hours layover in Doha. Dawie can’t say that. I force him to walk around for a bit. But then he gets tired. Time to sleep for him.


My job again to wake him for boarding. And as soon as we are in the plane, I fall asleep again. It is 2 o’clock at night. Dawie wakes me up for breakfast. He knows he doesn’t wanna deal with a grumpy girlfriend who didn’t get her food. And as I look out of the window we have already Namibian ground underneath us. These to flights flew past so fast. For me. For the one who was sleeping. Yes, we are definitely back in Namibia. Look at the rivers. Dry. No water in any of them.


But as we start descending it actually looks more green. Not as green as the rainforest in Thailand. But at least more green than when we left a couple of weeks ago. It’s good that the country got some rain.


I am getting excited. Still every time I land in Namibia. It is still exciting for me living in this beautiful country. Drive past all the different landscapes on the way back to Swakop. With all the memories from an amazing trip in our bags. These faces on an Island just outside Krabi describe the trip the best.


Getting back to Swakop. The streets seem to be empty. No people in the city. No cars on the road. No traffic compared to anything we had in Thailand. And suddenly you see your home town with different eyes. Go back to work with a new bundle of energy. Any stress at work just flies past you. And with all this new energy you go surfing. Play volleyball. Try stand up paddling. Give the excitement to your friends. Happy days!

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