Lazy sunday

It is monday. Monday is my new sunday. Monday is my off day. I am over this working-7-days-a-week. So I have monday off from now on. Love it. I can actually plan a day trip now. Because I can plan on having that day off. Whatever, I am talking too much. Let’s go fishing! I’ve never been fishing here. Zak thinks it will be fun. He found some space on the bakkie and decided he is joining.


We still have to pick up Nici. She has to sit on my lap. Dawie is driving. Zak on the back face in the wind. Nici on my lap with the head out of the window. No more space inside. Yeah, feels like fun already.


Just outside Swakop is our spot. While Dawie is setting up the fishing poles, Nici and me are rolling in the wind shield. you’re doing great girls. Dawie’s comment on our attempt to set up the wind shield. The wind is just to strong. But don’t worry. We got this. We’re not giving up so quick. And after 7 more ropes and even more rocks the wind shield is standing. Zak checking up on his girls. But his actual buddy is Dawie. Left or right, in the water or out, he is following Dawie every step.


The girls are playing a session of volleyball. On the beach. In the wind. Zak is watching us.  But still checking up on Dawie. Who is getting the second Kabeljau out of the water. That is interesting. We are actually catching some fish. Well Dawie is. Nici and me, well we’re supporting him. While chilling in the sun.


Bones arrives a bit later as well. The boys are enjoying the fishing thing. And I am just happy with my new sunday. What a beautiful day. What a sunset.


This just makes me happy. This is why I love this place. So much fun stuff to do. All of it outdoors. Just need to get moving and do it. Go fishing. Go crayfish diving. Go fat biking. Go into the riverbed. Go have a braai. Go skydiving. Whatever you wanna do – just do it!


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