Another tour with the Fatbikes through the riverbed

It’s school holiday. And Tiara doesn’t know what to do. So let’s bother Anne.

Es sind Schulferien. Und Tiara weiß nicht was sie machen soll. Also am besten Anne nerven.


Cool with me, but if you wanna do something with me, you have to be active. Otherwise I get bored. I suggest let’s rent a Fatbike and drive through the riverbed. Tiara (12years) hasn’t been on a Fatbike before, but she agrees with me even though her dad warns her it will be exhausting.

Komme ich mit klar, wir können was machen, aber das heißt aktiv sein. Ansonsten ist mir langweilig. Lass uns Fatbikes ausleihen und ins Flussbett fahren.


Tiara organises everything. I said let’s meet at 3pm. But she found out that they close the shop at 2:30pm, went there at 2:15, rented the bikes, got a better price than I did before and waited for me half an hour. Because I wasn’t organised. Well I arrived at 3, like I promised. She just hands me the helmet „I even organised you a yellow helmet“. Awesome Tiara, thank you very much. Looks like I have to cycle with a helmet this time. Being the good example and so on.

Tiara organisiert alles. Die Räder, handelt den Preis aus und auch Helme. Ja Helme. Muss wohl einen Helm tragen. Vorbildfunktion und so.


We fetch Zak, the dog, because he would be upset if you figured out later that we went into the riverbed without him and started cycling. As we reach the riverbed it’s time to go into low gears. And keep pedalling. Camels ahead of you.

Der Hund muss mit und dann geht es los. Zuerst an den Kamelen vorbei.


Zak is leading us through the bushes in the river. Racing ahead of us. He does some sharp turns and we start swearing at him. But it’s fun. We laugh a lot. And keep chatting. About what? Whatever girls chat about. Like about that situation in her school a couple of weeks ago. Because her friends didn’t get it why Tiara is scared of swimming in the ocean if there are seals close by. Why should she not be allowed to be scared of something. „But you go skydiving“ her friends interrupt her. Tiara has done already 14 tandem skydive jumps with her young 12 years. But she doesn’t get it „that is different“ is her answer. She is obviously not scared of jumping out of airplane. But scared of cycling down this dune. „Tiara, but you go skydiving, you can’t be scared from this downhill.“ Now she is swearing at me „Don’t copy my friends words“ but she races down and loves it.

Zak lotst uns durch das Gebüsch. Auf Trampelpfaden entlang. Rechts links und scharfe Kurve voraus.


I have to watch out for Zak. He is now next to me. In front of me. Between the tyres. Racing with me down the dune. He loves it.

Ich muss aufpassen. Zak is jetzt neben mir. Vor mir. Zwischen den Reifen. Rennt mit mir die Düne herunter. Er liebt es.


Time for a break. But up there on that dune. „I can’t get up there Anne!“ Oh yes you can and no don’t even think about getting off the bike and pushing it up. Not accepted. I run down and help her to get into the lowest gear and then it is her turn. And look at her. There she goes. Straight up the dune. Smiling as she stops in front of me. Now you deserve your water 😉

Und Tiara die Düne hoch. Keine Ausreden werden akzeptiert. Du fährst da jetzt hoch. Du kannst das, also mach es. Mit einem Lächeln auf den Lippen kommt sie erschöpft oben an.


Zak decided to photo bomb our picture. Well he is part of the trip, so he will be on the picture as well.

Zak wollte auch auf das Foto.


On more round on top of the dune before it is time to turn around and cycle back to reach town before sunset.

Noch eine Runde auf der Düne dann geht es zurück. Zurück in die Stadt vor Sonnenuntergang.


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