My daily life in Swakop or whatever you call what living in Africa means

You know I get asked quiet often from tourists how the life in Swakop is like. Well, I have to say it is pretty chilled. Today, it’s the first of Mai, so yes it is a public holiday as well in Namibia. But that makes the day no different for me from any other days in the week. I go to work. I come home. I am done. 2:30pm. Zak? Would you like to go the beeeeaaach?


Stupid question. Which dog what say no to a walk on the beach. So here I am. Walking 2 minutes from my house down and find myself on the beach. Toes in the sand. Face in the sun. And a cone of ice cream in my hand. The dog is walking himself. I can just walk through the sand let my thoughts go wherever the wind takes them. Yes that is kind of what my life in Swakop could be everyday like. After work. Because work does take a big part of my life in here. Not because I working all day long. Or because it takes all my energy. Or because I hate it. No. Because it is part of every single day in my life here. There is no existence of a weekend. Public holidays. Off days only exist if there are no tourists booked to come sandboarding. Or there are only 2 boarders booked so one of the staff members can have the day off. But in general that gets decided in the morning. After everybody showed up at work. Meaning my alarm rings every single day at 7:30am. I do know that most of you get up earlier in the morning. But not 7 days a week. 20 days in a row. That’s why I said work is part of my life in Swakop here. Everything turns around work. Yes we do can go on a road trip if we don’t have many people booked for the next two days. Yes I can go every afternoon to the beach if I don’t have an afternoon trip. Yes I can go skydiving in the afternoon if I am back from work early enough to catch a ride out to the dropzone. Yes I can go out partying any night in the week, but I still have to wake up at 7:30 and go to work.


To come back to your question about how my lifestyle in Swakop is: it is amazing! I love my life here. I live my dreams. Enjoy everyday or at least try to make the best out of every single day.


Sometimes I am thinking about how lucky I am to live this life. Living in southern Africa, enjoying every day the beautiful scenery of dunes, ocean and the desert while still having a pretty normal life in sense of having a shower with warm water, being able to buy pretty much everything in the supermarkets like back home and most of the other advantages of a first world country. And then I walk into my room and see this f*** cockroach running circles in my sink being like „No, your in Africa deal with it“. And my reaction is turning around and not running away looking for someone who could get this disgusting creature out of my room but instead looking in my room for a box to get it in there and bring it outside. That is the moment when I realise that I have been living now for 3 years on the african continent. There is no way that the Anne from three years ago would have even thought about getting rid of that creature. She would have just left the room screaming like a little girl refusing to go back into the house until someone killed and removed it. The Anne today was swearing at that annoying creature, turned around to look for a little box, found a box, fighted with the cockroach in the sink until the cockroach was in the box and threw it into the garden. Yeah I mean really? Where was this cockroach while I was sleeping here 5 minutes ago. Aah, you know what I don’t wanna know. Swearing in all the languages I can imagine of. Okay I stay quiet now. TIA (this is africa). I am in Africa. Got it. Thank you for beeing so in your face damn cockroach. Could have been a bit more indirect.
I just had to tell you that story. Just had to get rid of it…


Oh then there is Pita. The cat. Her favorite spot to sit on is wherever you’re working on. Invoices you wanna pay. Newspapers you wanna read. Ok I do not read newspapers. Neither does Beth. But whatever. You get what I mean. She places herself right in front of Beth’s face on top of the puzzle while Beth is trying to finish that puzzle. Yes Pita. That’s why you got that name. Pita for pain in the a**. Anything else from my life? Give me a few days and the next stories come from itself…

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