Aerobatic flight

It was my birthday present. To test where my limit is. Apparently I do not get scared from a lot of things. At least not from extrem sports. Or heights. Or airplanes. What about an aerobatic flight? Well I do get sick travelling in busses. Or trains. Sitting on the back seat of the car makes me sick. Actually sitting anywhere in the car makes me sick unless I am driving myself. But I do not get sick in airplanes. So let’s test that with an aerobatic flight? How strong is stomach actually?

Es war mein Geburtstagsgeschenk. Einen Kunstflug. Aerobatic flight. Achterbahn fahren im Flugzeug.


I is a beautiful day. No fog over Swakop. No strong winds. Blue sky and sunshine.

Es ist ein wunderschöner Tag. Blauer Himmel und Sonnenschein.


After getting some instructions on the ground I get in the back of the plane and we take off. First we fly over the dunes and Jacques shows me the three different maneuvers he will do with me. I am still totally relaxed. Enjoying the view. Seeing my working office from the sky.

Nachdem ich ein paar Anweisungen bekommen habe geht es auch schon los. Zuerst über die Dünen für die ersten Maneuver.


Then it’s getting serious.

Dann geht es los.


Loups. Rolls. And combination out of both. Don’t ask me where is up and down.

Loopings, seitliche Spiralen und beides kombiniert.


But I am enjoying it. Jacques is flying very smooth. That are no quick turns. While you are upsite down you have time to enjoy the scenery.

Aber ich genieße es. Jacques fliegt sehr gleichmäßig. Langsame Maneuver, so dass ich mittendrin immer noch die Landschaft genießen kann.


The industrial area.

Das Industriegebiet.


The airport with the townships behind it.

Den Flughafen mit den Townships dahinter.


The dry riverbed separating the city from the dunes.

Das Flussbett.



The coastline along Swakopmund.

Die Küste entlang der Stadt.


Am I enjoying it was the question…

Die Frage war ob es mir Spaß macht…


Think my smile explains everything.

Ich glaube dieses Lächeln ist Antwort genug.


And we turn back to the airport for the last maneuvers. When I tell Jacques that I think it is enough now he just says he is anyway about to land. Instead 20 minutes flying I got almost 40 minutes in the air with so many more maneuvers. If you know the people, you can get more out of it. Thank you so much for this flight!

Und es geht wieder zurück Richtung Flughafen für ein paar letzte Maneuver. Es war ein toller Flug, habe es wirklich genossen.


Back on the ground I was apparently more white in my face than when I came back from holiday in Europe. I took me a while to get the colour back into my face, but I kept my lunch in my stomach.

Zurück am Boden war ich dann doch etwas bleich, aber die Farbe kam langsam wieder zurück in mein Gesicht.

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