Formation Skydiving

Yesterday was quiet a special day for me. I did my first big way in the air. Before that I only did 2-ways. And I did that always with an instructor. Means he corrects your body position and keeps you stable. Yesterday we filled the plane only with fun jumpers, meaning 6 solo jumpers. And then the plan was to get a 6-way in the air. The two least experienced jumpers, Tanja and me, have to form the base. Linked exit out of the plane and then just stay together. Should be able to manage that. Just remember Anne, Tanja is falling fast, so you have to arch very hard. Yeah, I feel that still one day later. My back hurts so much. But back into the plane. Get in to position, one mile until exit. I have to do the count. Ready-set-go and push Tanja out. The two of us have together not even 100 jumps.


But we do our job. Tanja is smiling all over her face. Mine is a bit more unrelaxed. I am focusing on falling faster. Do you realise that we are spinning a bit? So turning in one direction. Normally the instructor would stop that turning, but here are just the two of us.    Two intermediate jumpers, so we have to sort that out by ourself. Tanja is showing to the right. Ewert is on his way to dock. And we stopped the turn, however we did it.


Shortly after that Grégoire and Bianca are as well almost there. 6 thousand feet.


4-way is completed. And Bianca is on the dock.


5-way completed. Don’t know where Jens is, but we are on 5 thousand feet and have to brake off and track away. So that everyone has his own airspace on opening. Quiet important if you do big ways. I see no one, 3500 feet and pull. 6 parachutes on the way down. Just stay out of my way! I am coming in for landing.


Thanks guys was an amazing experience!

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