December time – party time

I was since a long time excited about this december. December in Swakopmund is party time. The whole country is on holiday and comes to the coast. There is a braai almost everyday at someone’s house and if not, then there will be another party somewhere. Last year I left Swakopmund on the 2nd of december, so I missed out this time.

Seit langem sehne ich mich nach diesem Dezember. Dezember ist Ferienzeit und somit Partyzeit in Swakopmund. Das ganze Land hat frei und kommt an die Küste. Fast jeden Tag wird bei irgendjemand gegrillt. Und wenn das nicht der Fall ist, dann findet ein anderes Fest statt. Letztes Jahr bin ich am 2ten Dezember abgereist und habe somit diese Zeit verpasst.


Last week I got my skydiving A-licence. After finishing all the jumping tests I still had to do the packing part, which I didn’t like in the beginning. But in the meantime I have jumped my own packed rig about 15 times and I never came down with the reserve. The openings weren’t too bad. So I am a little bit proud of myself.

Letzte Woche habe ich meine A-Lizenz im Fallschirmspringen bekommen. Der letzte Schritt dafür war der Test zum Fallschirm packen. Habe ihn jetzt aber auch schon fast 15 gepackt und bin ihn selber gesprungen. Bin jetzt bisschen stolz auf mich.


Beth, my boss, went on holiday for over a week. What does that mean? I am in charge again. Since Sunday. Sunday didn’t start that well. One employee didn’t show up, the girl in the office left an hour earlier, so I had to do her work, but yeah I managed. Yesterday morning it was one of these crazy days where you start packing for 9 people, then you get 4 more, after finishing packing 3 cancel and as you start driving out two more phone you to join. But nothing new for me. Just be flexible. Did I say flexible? Martin phoned to ask if I want to join them for a camping session at the arch. The arch is a rock in the riverbed. Sure! But I know that I don’t have reception over there. So all the phone calls will get diverted to the lady in the office. But I did her work yesterday, so she can do mine today. But Martin, Zak has to come with! I can’t leave him alone, I can leave the cat at home but not the dog. So either Zak, or none of us two.

Meine Chefin ist für über eine Woche im Urlaub. Heißt ich habe wieder die Verantwortung in der Hand. Das hält mich aber lange nicht davon ab mit meinen Freunden ins Flussbett zu gehen. Kurzer Camping Trip.


We find a bit of space in the back of Martin’s bakkie between mattresses and cool boxes. The two cars are quiet loaded with 10 people and all the camping gear. And as usual it takes us  about 2 hours to get to the arch. Not because it is too far, because we always get lost in the riverbed on the way to the arch. But we don’t care. We enjoy driving through the riverbed.

Auch für Zak finden wir Platz in einem der beiden Autos, obwohl wir schon 10 Leute sind.


We arrive about an hour before sunset on our spot. Katelyn (12 years old), Zak and me are going on a little hiking trip up the mountains.

Mit Katelyn (12) und Zak mache ich dann eine kleine Wandertour über die Felsen hoch.


Up and down.

Hoch und runter.


In between we rest a bit and watch the sunset.

Und dazwischen wird der Sonnenuntergang beobachtet.


I like these mountains in the riverbed.

Ich liebe diese Berge im Flussbett.


Zak climbs like a little klipspringer. Only two times I have to help and show him where to go.

Zak klettert wie ein Klippspringer. Nur zwei Mal musste ich ihm helfen.


Katelyn: I have no idea where north or south is.
Me: What is always over Swakop?
Katelyn: Mist.
Me: What is in front of us?
Katelyn: Mist, so there is the coast.
Me: Exactly, so in which direction are we looking?
Katelyn: To the west!
Yes orientation is quiet easy around the coast.

Katelyn erkläre ich dann wie sie hier die Himmelsrichtungen herausfinden kann.


We go back to the rest of the group.

Danach geht es zurück zur Gruppe.


It’s time for a braai. We got a lot of steaks. Game steaks are here quiet cheap. The game runs around everywhere. As well in the desert. We saw today as well two klipspringers and a springbok antelope. In the riverbed.

Es ist Zeit mit dem Grillen anzufangen. Wir haben einige leckere Wildsteaks. Wild ist hier recht günstig. Es rennt schließlich überall herum. Selbst in der Wüste. Wir haben heute auch 3 Antilopen gesehen.


Only my night shots were not that great today. But the stars were anyway not to bright since the moon was up all night long.

Nur meine Nachtaufnahmen gelingen mir nicht so. Aber der Mond hellt den Nachthimmel ohnehin zu sehr auf.


But it was again a beautiful camping night. Zak loved it as well. And the best of all is that I heard from the lady in the office that not a single phone call got diverted which means the phone anyway would have been quiet. Even though I would anyway never regret a trip into the river.

Es war mal wieder ein wunderschöner Camping Ausflug ins Flussbett.

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