My anniversary in Swakop

When I walked out of my room this morning the sun was shining right into my eyes and brought straight away a smile on my face. Sunshine in the morning is something special in Swakop. So I knew it is gonna be a special day. A beautiful day.


On the way out to the dunes I had to stopp on the salt road because a herd of springbokies  was crossing the road. How amazing is that? On the way to work you drive first along the ocean, then go towards the desert, see some game running around and flamingos chilling in the water. Yes that is my life. It is normal to see the ocean on the way to pick up clients. It is normal to see the springbokies, who stay at the golf course. And it is normal as well to see the flamingos. I see them on a daily basis. That is all normal for me. Normal does not mean boring. It is still beautiful. I enjoy it everyday when I drive there.
We reach the dune and Beth talks to the clients „I would like to start the trip by introducing your instructors this morning. My name is Beth, this is Steven, over there is Paulus and that is Anne. She came exactly one year ago sandboarding and it changed her life.“ The smile in my face grows. But at the same time I look a bit surprised. I did not know that it was exactly one year ago, when I stayed at the Desert Sky Backpackers and couldn’t wait to go out to the dunes. But now more than before I realized what kind of special day it is. And yes, that day did change my life completely. From the solo backpacker who travelled through southern Africa I became a sandboarder located in Swakop. I live in the desert and at the same time two minutes walking away from the ocean. I work in the desert. I learned that you have to drink a lot of water if you work in the desert. Otherwise you get dehydrated. That and many many other things. I learned a lot, I saw a lot, I changed a lot. But I love it. My new life.


This afternoon I walked with Katelyn about 7km through the riverbed. From the flamingo point all the way down to the ocean.


With Katelyn and Zak. For sure, my Buddy is always with me. Yes that is another point. My fear of dogs. It was horrible one year ago. And Beth just put me into the car with the huge dog. I had to deal with it. And look at it now. I did deal with it. And now I love Zak. Maybe not all the dogs, but my Buddy is the best one!


On our walk through the riverbed we did not see only flamingos, but as well a springbok and one chameleon. Yes I definitely fell in love with this country.

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